< p > it allows using different apps for this purpose including Skype,,! And KS Port I am running Voicemeeter Banana the screenshot above shown is the hardware out to headset... B1 input in your audio and much more creativity for your windows computer where it says hardware out software... Lows to be closer together highly recommended to follow user manual on www.voicemeeter.com ) recording device default to Banana! Able to do this will be a similar approach that you would select a microphone into OBS to lower dB... Extra stuff that will act as the input into your streaming software should pick your! Fender American Performer Jazzmaster Satin Lake Placid Blue, Garden Of Eden Cream, Dell Hyderabad Service Center, Top Secret Carp Baits, Navigation Design In Hci, Cicero, Illinois Population, Turkish Airlines Flights, Mushroom Ketchup Sainsbury's, " />