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Professional Wordpress

Management Services

Get Hosting, Backups, Updates, Security, Uptime Monitoring, and more.

Why do you need WordPress management, maintenance and support services?

38% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to some of the biggest sites online.

WordPress is one of the most powerful and adaptable online content management systems trusted by millions of website builders and businesses.  

WordPress is easy to use, but getting the very best performance out of a WordPress website requires knowledge and experience. 



initial website / month

Standard WordPress management for your website.


  • Monthly Maintenance Report
  • Wordpress Core Updates
  • Non-Premium Plugin Updates
  • 5 GB Optimised Hosting
  • Backups (weekly)
  • Performance Scan



initial website / month

Premium updates & advanced support hours.

Includes everything from Standard plan plus:

  • Premium Plugin Updates
  • 10 GB Optimised Hosting
  • 10% discount on changes/modifications
  • Backups (daily)
  • Link Monitoring
  • Uptime Monitor



website / month

The Ultimate WordPress maintenance & support plan. Ideal for large Wordpress sites.

Includes everything from Premium plan plus:

  • 20 GB Optimised Hosting
  • 20% discount on changes/modifications
  • Site Optimisation
  • Security Monitoring
  • Keyword Report
  • License Management
  • Database Optimisation

Do you have more than one website or a Wordpress multisite network?

Get in touch with us and we will provide you with pricing based on how many sites you have in  your multisite network or hosting. 

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Cloud Backups

Regularly scheduled backups to a secure remote destination is important. Should there be any sort of major issue on your website, a restore from backups may be the only way to get it back online.


Core Updates

Vulnerabilities and compatibility issues are typically resolved with new releases and updates. Core updates are an essential part of securing and protecting your website.


Plugin Updates

As with core updates, plugin updates are just as important when it comes to securing and protecting your website. Plugin developers constantly fix security and compatibility issues.


Link Monitoring

Dead or broken links can negatively impact your visitors experience as well as your SEO rating. A regular check and report of your site for bad links will be performed and provide you with the information you need to correct any issues.


Uptime Monitoring

Should your website go offline it can be bad for your image and your SEO, especially if you aren’t aware of it being offline. Our monitor system will let us know when it is offline and we can assist you with getting it up and back online again.


Keyword Ranking

Track local search and keywords rankings with a visibility report. Provide us with keywords you want to monitor and we can provide you a regular competitor and keyword report


Performance Checks

A regular benchmark of your websites performance and speed will help identify possible problems and issues and provide suggestions into way to optimise the site. 


Discounted Support

Take advantage of our support services at discounted prices.  If there is something you want to change on your website reach out to us and see how we can help you with any additions and updates. 


Security Monitoring

Constant checking of your website is essential to detech issues created by malware, hacking attempts, vulnerable themes and plugins.  The quicker these are detected the easier they are to clean and protect your site.



Over time your website will gradually get a build up of revisions, database overhead, deleted items and spam. These all contribute to slow downs. With regular management we can help reduce these slow downs on your website.


Maintenance Reports

A regular monthly overview report will be sent covering all monitoring, backups and changes on your website during the previous period.  If you have a WooCommerce store connected to the site then activity that has occurred through your store will also be reported.


License Management

For any premium/paid plugins and themes we will download and update them for you as well as renew them as required. Through special offers and industry discounts we will also get your the best prices we can.

Reach out & experience better.

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